4-Cent Crypto You May Want to Buy Now!

Time New Bank (TNB) has a market capitalization of $84,084,299 and its coins/tokens are selling for under 4-cents.  In May of 2010, Bitcoin was under 1-cent, got to 8-cents by that July, and, almost reached $19,000 per coin in 2017. As of this writing, you could purchase one Bitcoin for $7,433.

Time New Bank (TNB) is recommended by two Bitcoin and Crypto-Currency multi-millionaires who have a lot of experience in this area. Time New Bank is an Asian company “using blockchain technology to allow celebrities to sell time—in the form of personal interactions—with their fans.”  This is a huge business in the East, “where fans crave up close, face to face time with stars they love.”  English is supported by the app and they have bought billboard space in Times Square.  As one so-called Crypto Expert stated, “The potential for this platform is limitless because it allows developers to create applications on it, tapping into the motherlode of innovation that is the crypto space.”  I have no idea what that means?!  However, let’s look at a $40 and $400 commitment to this new token TNB.

For $40 you can buy 1,000 tokens and for $400 you can buy 10,000 tokens; I just bought 1,000 tokens on the BINANCE exchange with Ethereum (ETH) and because of the potential upside I’m going to show you, I am upping my financial commitment to $400 so I have at least 10,000 TNB tokens.

Let’s say that TNB rises in price to $2.00 per token.  If you bought 1,000 coins you would have $2,000; if you had committed $400, you would have 10,000 coins worth $20,000.  At this point, we could then sell half of our coins for $1,000 ($40 cost) or $10,000 ($400 cost); a gain of 2,400%.  We are then left with either 500 TNB tokens or 5,000 TNB tokens; and, a sizable profit and our speculative capital returned.

What happens if the TNB tokens start selling for $50.00? We then have another profit opportunity.  Sell half of our coins for another quick profit of $25,000 for 500 tokens and $250,000 for 5,000 tokens. Now you can see why I am willing to spend $400 rather than $40!

You are now left with either 250 TNB tokens or 2,500 TNB tokens.  If TNB only rises to $100 per token, a fraction of what Bitcoin is currently worth, you would have another $25,000 (250 tokens) or $250,000 (2,500 tokens).  Then we have another decision to make; at least we hope it gets this far!  

The upside is substantial, while the downside is $40-to-$400!  Please read our last two free newsletters which explains how to buy these crypto-currencies and lists our favorite seven coins/tokens.  The newsletters are available at

Good luck to us all!

Dum Spiro, spero—While I breathe I hope.

Slainte mhath,

Robert G. Beard Jr., C.P.A., C.G.M.A., J.D., LL.M.