What Will Your Vote Accomplish?

We have two socialists running for President; one actually calls himself a socialist and the other refers to herself as “a progressive democrat who likes to get things done.”   Hillary Clinton’s progressive ideas are not new.   They go back to Plato’s time, to ancient Sparta (600 B.C.), and, as Henry Grady Weaver stated, such ideas represent “pagan superstition . . .  known by the persuasive name planned economy, which is nothing more than a weasel word for socialism or communism or fascism.”

Real progress occurred and lasted for about 160 years (1776 to 1936) when a majority of Americans were mostly free to do as they so desired with little to no government interference.   Thomas Jefferson believed that the tree of liberty must be refreshed at least every 20-years with the blood of patriots and tyrants alike.   It has been more than 150 years since the end of the civil war, with government gaining substantial power at the expense of individual freedom.   Jefferson turned out to be right.   James Madison agreed, “. . . there are more instances of the abridgment of freedom of the people by gradual and silent encroachments of those in power than by violent and sudden usurpations.”   For example, as Dr. Milton Friedman penned over 20-years ago, “every economic plank of the 1928 Socialist party platform has by now been either wholly or partly enacted.”

Like the Spartans and Prussians, who took children away from their parents at a very young age to mold them into obedient soldiers who would follow orders to their death, the power-elites in control of government, including the industrialists in America, developed a similar scheme in the early 1900’s.   They created a schooling system to mold children into good law-abiding taxpaying citizens; who accepted government as the solution to all their problems; who followed rules; who would seek employment rather than becoming entrepreneurs; and, who would endure working long hours, doing mundane work on factory assembly lines.

The masses have been convinced—through government-controlled compulsory schooling—that democracy and socialism are constitutional.   This has made it exceedingly easy for the power-elites in government to turn our American Republic of Freedom into a socialistic democracy, which is not only unconstitutional, but, flies in the face of liberty and our pursuit of happiness.

Both Bernie Sanders and Hillary Clinton can say anything they want while running for President; their speech is protected under the First Amendment.   However, the President, along with members of Congress must swear an oath to uphold the Constitution.

When the President and members of Congress violate their oaths to uphold the Constitution, by not reading legislation in its entirety and passing laws violating individual liberty, they have committed treason.

If, for example, Hillary Clinton is elected President and able to get some of her socialistic proposals passed by Congress, she and all of the Congressional members who vote yes would be committing “Treason against the United States.”   If this were to happen, she would not be the first President who has conspired with a majority of Congressional members to commit treason.    This has been going on for over 80 years by both Democratic and Republican Administrations.

Before it’s too late, we need to hold the professional political class accountable, either peaceably through the legal system; or, forcibly as Jefferson suggested, by taking up arms under the Second Amendment for “the security of a free State.”

Dum spiro, spero—While I breathe I hope.

Slainte mhath,

Robert G. Beard, Jr., C.P.A., C.G.M.A., J.D., LL..M.